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DEB Course Requirements ......

DEB Prerequisites

Students interested in participating in DEB must be enrolled in the Ph.D. program of one of the participating graduate groups. Please refer to the participating faculty (under About the DEB) for a complete list of the departments or graduate groups currently affiliated with the graduate program. It is recommended that a student enroll during the first two years of their Ph.D. program.

The DEB program welcomes the addition of new departments and graduate groups. Please contact the Biotechnology Program for application instructions.

Students must take MCB 263 before Qualifying Exam. It is strongly recommended to enter the DEB before the second year.


MCB 263 (W13 Syllabus)
Biotechnology Fundamentals and Application
(MUST be completed before QE)

Offered every year (Winter Quarter)
Prof. Karen McDonald & Prof. Raymond Rodriguez, instructors
Bioethics Course
(SHOULD be completed before QE)
GGG 296 OR: ABG 401, BIM 209, ECL 290, PMI 250, PLP 298, PMI 250 or RCR

MCB 282
Biotechnology Internship
(May be completed after qualifying exam)

A minimum of 3 months internship at a local biotechnology company or cross college laboratory (i.e. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, etc.) Interships should be discussed with Judy Kjelstrom
(List of Companies)
Internship Instructions  

MCB 294/ECH 294
Current Progress in Biotechnology Seminar Course
(Seminar Schedule)

Offered every quarter (Fall, Winter, and Spring). A minimum of three quarters of enrollment in the course is required (MIC 292 may be substituted for one quarter of MCB/ECH 294). Contact Judy Kjelstrom for more information.
A summary report on the seminars is required at the end of the quarter.

MIC 292 (elective)
From Discovery to Product: An Introduction to Biotechnology at the Industrial Level
(Seminar Schedule)

Offered every other year (Winter quarter every even numbered year). May be substituted for one quarter of MCB/ECH 294.
Contact Judy Kjelstrom for more information.
A summary report on the seminars is required at the end of the quarter.

(Should be completed BEFORE QE)

MUST complete ONE Ethics Course:

464RCR (Under Medical Sciences, MDS)
Responsible Conduct of Research

Same as CLH 204, offered every Summer, some Fall, depending on interest

ABG 401
Ethics and Professionalism in Animal Biology

Offered Spring Quarter

BIM 209 (formerly BIM 289)
Scientific Ehtics and Inquiry

Offered Spring Quarter

CLH 204
Responsible Conduct of Research (T32 CTSC Fellowship Course)

Same as 464 RCR, offered every Summer, some Fall, depending on interest

ECL 290
Responsible Conduct of Research for Environmental Scientists

Offered Fall Quarter

GGG 296
Scientific Professionalism and Integrity

Offered Fall Quarter

PLP 298
Scientific Ethics in Biotech Research

Offered Winter Quarter
PMI 250
Philosophy and Ethics of Biomedical Science
Offered Spring Quarter
ECH 160 (Elective) Offered every Fall Quarter
PLS 298 (Elective) Offered Spring Quarter

The Ph.D. qualifying exam should demonstrate appropriate knowledge with the area of biotechnology. At least one faculty member of the designated emphasis shall participate in the qualifying examination.

MCB 263 MUST be completed BEFORE qualifying examination.

MCB/ECH 294 and ONE of the Bioethics Courses (GGG 296, BIM 209, ECL 290, etc.) SHOULD be completed BEFORE qualifying examination.

MCB 282 may be completed after qualifying examination.

The dissertation committee shall include at least one faculty member of the designated emphasis. (The major professor must be a participating DEB member.)

Attendance at the annual Biotechnology Retreat and at the informal Pizza Seminars (Chalk Talks by students and faculty on their current research).

Public service is highly recommended, especially on projects organized by the Biotech Program. See Demian Sainz ( for any upcoming events you would like to volunteer.

For additional information, contact:

Judy Kjelstrom
Biotechnology Program
0301 Life Sciences
(530 752-8228

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