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The Integrating Medicine into Basic Science (IMBS) program in the UC Davis School of Medicine is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) sponsored initiative to provide an innovative, cost-effective, and suSchool of Med. logostainable model for training a new cadre of Ph.D. biologists and engineers who will have productive careers in clinically-relevant basic research.

NIH and HHMI have both targeted the national need to fund research in ways that accelerate the translation of basic discoveries into novel therapies and clinical practices. The strong skill sets in team/translational science provided by IMBS training will strongly advantage its participants in preparing for successful careers in academia or industrial/pharmaceutical settings.


The ICREATE-IGERT logoGERT program, entitled Collaborative Research and Education in Agricultural Technologies and Engineering (CREATE), will provide a structured and well-integrated graduate resarch and educational training program focused on a unifying theme of transgenic plants and in-vitro plant systems for the production of industrial non-food products and biopharmaceuticals. Research focus areas are:

1) Rapid Vaccine Production and Cost-Effective Therapeutics,
2) Biofuels and Biorefineries, and
3) Phytoremediation.

Across the three broad focus areas, specific attention will be paid to the scientific, engineering, environmental, regulatory, economic, intellectual property, societal and global issues associated with plant biotechnology.

To apply for CREATE-IGERT support, students must be a member of the DEB.

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